More than 700 compeleted projects
More than 700
completed projects
Unique ideas > Special Projects
Unique ideas Special Projects
20+ years experience
20+ years experience
Unique design and functionality 100% guaranteed
Unique design and functionality 100% guaranteed
we solve (almost) any of your problems
we solve (almost) any of your problems
We offer you the future. Today. From 25 years.
Yes it is. Together we invent and build things / new
technologies and strive to be the first that solve
any of your problems. Day by day, customer by
customer we grow, learn and develop ourselves. So
(almost) every idea comes to your mind about your
site or your online store - we will help you definitely.

Our motto: For us nothing is impossible!
  • Unique design and functionality 100% guaranteed
  • Permanent communication, technical assistance and support guaranteed
  • 1% conversion rate guaranteed
  • 3 years guarantee
  • Profesional SEO with results
  • Respecting deadlines
  • Uptime and postprocessing
  • Probably the most important of our guarantee is that we solve (almost) any of your problems
  • technologies

    We use:
  • PHP
  • CSS3
  • AJAX
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    years of
    young group
    Behind the company and sites developed by us is an extremely important platform - PaperManagement - which manages your site and help your company’s activity ranging from Accounting to Marketing.

    Our fearless team: 7 people and a dog who smiles at us every day. Behind us are 20 years
    of experience, more than 700 completed projects and many satisfied clients.We deal with all that
    means online IT (presentation site, product presentation site, online store, special online solutions).
    We like challenges and requirements that are difficult to achieve, because we learn more and develop
    ourselves. We like the latest developments in the IT market. Our goal is to have satisfied clients and
    to collaborate as professionals. Today there is NO question if a company has a web page, because it’s
    essential in a company’s life, so it really matters how functional and estethic is. If you have unique ideas
    and want to accomplish together special projects do not hesitate to contact us!

    Contact us!


    1Development and implementation
    of online solutions

    We create and develop all you can imagine. We offer
    unique design according to your requirements. We
    develop your presentation site, product presentation
    site and online store. We are prepared for special and
    complicated web projects. We look forward to your ideas
    for a unique and good collaboration!


    2Online Marketing and

    We create a site that fills your pocket and we handle
    the marketing. Advertising, posting on Facebook and to be
    on the other social sites is very important. You'll have
    clients that are not only visitors but will turn into loyal
    customers. If you would like not just a functional site developed
    by but also to help you in the marketing, you can call us with confidence!




    1 Service
    presentation site
    • Unique design
    • ClouDocs platform
    • Professional SEO
    • Ask a quote module
    • Contact form
    • Google Map
    • 5 year guarantee
    2 Product
    presentation site
    • Unique design
    • ClouDocs platform
    • Product management
    • Professional SEO
    • Ask a quote module
    • 1% conversion rate guarenteed
    • Many optional features
    • 5 year guarantee
    3 Online shop
    • Unique design
    • Product management
    • Order and Client management
    • Cart management
    • Professional SEO
    • 1% conversion rate guarenteed
    • Many optional features
    • Many upselling techniques
    • 5 year guarantee
    4 Special webpage
    • Unique design
    • Unique structure
    • Professional SEO
    • Many optional features
    • 5 year garantee


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